Beautiful Oak Doors

It is a well-known fact that oak wood is one of the most popular natural materials in the world, whether it is used for decoration, floors or doors. Renowned not only for its stunning beauty, oak is also celebrated for its durability to withstand massive shocks as well as fluctuating temperature and moisture levels. Once upon a time oak was used both as a symbol of power and wealth, with the material only appearing in the most fortunate of houses. Today however, the world over can celebrate and enjoy the wood and have in their house some of the most beautiful oak doors and floors. After scouring the internet, here are some of the best:

This rustic style, heavy wood door is beautifully traditional and wouldn’t be out of place either in the rolling hills of the Cotswolds or the vast French country side. Being both beautiful to look at in the summer and a mighty shield against the cold in the winter; who wouldn’t want this door in their home?

The great thing about oak doors is of course the fact that not only can you use beautifully crafted wood to provide a gateway to your house, but too some of the most stunning glass patterns, as shown in the above picture. If you’re looking for a little bit of light being let into your home, perhaps you could have a try at this wonderful combination.

Keeping with the glass and light motif, these light encouraging internal oak doors offer an open chic that would be great for young couples and homes that enjoy a contemporary and elegant feel.

If you fancy something a little more traditional however, these wonderful French oak doors provide a wonderful invitation into any room. Used mostly around living and dining areas, they are a great opportunity to lighten up your house. These versatile doors can be used as either interior or external doors, Oakwood Doors Supplies top quality External French Doors that can add a great deal of value and flare to your home.