Bedroom Interior Trends 2012

A look at some of the loveliest looks in bedrooms this year, with a focus on bed linen. With the recession hitting our pockets and making some damage into the usually booming sales of furniture and DIY items in the UK, the impetus for home improvements has now fallen largely on superficial adornments and additions – such as bedspreads, panels of wallpaper, or lamps and accessories.

Nowhere is this more true than bedroom decorations; one of our most cherished rooms, that can so often need a quick spruce up. Many of us do not want to contemplate spending a few thousand pounds on an entire bedroom makeover; but the same dramatic effect can be achieved through focusing on colour and accessories.

So, this week we’ve been working with Next, high street retailer and homes decoration experts, with a huge range of bed linens, rugs, cushions and patterned wallpapers, to highlight some key bedroom looks for 2012 and how to achieve them in simple, affordable steps.

Flashes of neon One of key looks for 2012, for both living rooms and bedrooms, is pastels mixed with ‘flashes’ of neon. It’s all about working off a neutral of subtle base – such as soft blue, beige or grey – and adding in a daring dash of neon colour in a bedspread and cushions. Pink and grey are a gorgeous choice; or flashes of green against sky blue, as shown in the blog linked to above.

Tonal variations and subtle palettes On the other side of the scale, we have the subtle grading of similar tones. This is excellent for people who feel they have a very ‘dull’ or monochrome bedroom, and want to add some interest without introducing a whole new colour or pattern. Tonal variation – very minimalism, very 1980s New York loft apartments – is about shades of grey in alternating intensities; or subtly changing yellows-to-beiges. Think about going bolder on cushions and rugs, and taking it softer on your bed linens and walls.

The 1970s With patterned wall paper all over the place this season, the 1970s are undoubtedly a fixture in interior design 2012. As the Channel 4 teams suggests here, a well-selected panel of printed wallpaper is all you need to achieve this; if you have a slanted ceiling or wall, then the adverse-shaped smaller wall is the best place for a spot of wallpaper interest. Flock wallpaper (larger print the better!) adds a boutique-y feel to your bedroom; and can be combined with the flashes of neon trend for full interior design marks!