Bespoke garden structures supplied to your door in kit form

2 bay garage by Trade Oak Building Kits  

I have recently been introduced to Trade Oak Building Kits who supply high quality oak frames to the trade.

They specialise in garages, gazebos and pergolas, although offer a bespoke service to deliver extensions, barns and even entire houses as ready to assemble kits.

CAD drwg of bespoke garden office - Trade Oak Building Kirs

They use 100% European Green Oak which is grown locally to their manufacturing site in France.  This helps to keep them competitive on cost and of course ensures that all their timber comes from a sustainable source.

Bespoke pergola by Trade Oak Building Kits

Trade Oak Building Kits don't sell directly to the public, but that's because you would need a landscaper or builder to put the structure up for you.  This doesn't stop you making enquiries, but you'd need to have a professional in place before you could place an order.

Bespoke curved wall by Trade oak building kits

Buying the framework in a kit form makes the construction phase much quicker because all the timber is machined off site.  The kits are cut using sophisticated CAD software that ensures the designs are cut accurately and joints fit together perfectly.

Oak joint - trade Oak Building Kits

Like any hardwood, green oak will silver with age and it will take on character as it dries.  You'll be familiar I'm sure with old timber-framed houses  where the beams have split and moved.  This doesn't compromise the structure, in fact as the oak ages it becomes really hard.

CAD drwg of standard 3 bay pergola - Trade Oak Building KitsThere are many standard kits available.  This three bay pergola is an example, but if you have something different in mind, Trade Oak Building Kits are also able to design something specifically for you.  The kit is then manufactured in the same way and delivered to site for easy assembly by your chosen contractor.

CAD drwg of bespoke garden room by Trade Oak Building Kits

CAD drwg of despoke pergola by Trade Oak Building Kits

Do have a look at the Trade Oak Building Kits website for more details.


Images: Trade Oak Building Kits