Bespoke pieces for the garden by Constructive & Co.

I recently came across Constructive and Co who specialise in whole house refurbishments and creating bespoke pieces for their clients. Their work ranges from small free-standing bedside tables to full scale interior projects such as fully fitted kitchens.

The piece above is for inside, but I thought it would be nice to give you a taster of some of their other work too.

The company was founded by Sam Scott, Tim Greany and Dom Shanks and their workshop is based in Leyton in East London where clients are very welcome to visit them to discuss their ideas.

They love to get the chance to work with new materials and applications so if you have some thoughts about what you want, they are sure to be able to help you to achieve it. They often work with designers and architects too.

Predominantly their pieces are designed for use inside the house, but there were two projects in their portfolio that caught my eye because each was designed specifically for use outside in the garden.

The first is an outside kitchen unit which was constructed using green and seasoned oak.  The top is made from concrete for which they initially made up a series of samples for their client.  The final top was made in five separate pieces and assembled at site.

The timber is left unfinished so that it will weather and become silver over time.  The whole unit sits on plastic feet to prevent the timber from rotting.

The other piece is a chaise longue which has been made from cedar and doubles up as a storage unit for the client’s garden chairs and lawn mower.  I think you’ll agree that it’s much more elegant than a garden shed!

For further details about the team and to see some more examples of their work, please refer to the Constructive & Co. website.


Images: Constructive & Co.