Blue and White China gets an update

Blue china; It’s synonymous with my childhood and visits to my grandparents home. Their plates sat in glass fronted cabinets which I stared at for hours whilst the adults chatted over tea served in dainty cups with saucers. But it wasn't the gardens or exotic birds painted onto the plates that kept my attention; it was the cobalt blue and porcelain white colour combination, so distinctive and striking. My own collection of these plates is one I’m attempting to build slowly, as tough as it is to restrain, in the hope that one day they will adorn my kitchen wall in a explosion of varying sizes and designs. Traditionally, designs feature animals and bird motifs, but sticking simply to the colour palette opens up a wealth of options to suit all tastes.

Blue plates from Illustrated Living, Rume, John Lewis and Emma Bridgewater

For a contemporary take on the traditional I love this whimsical tree design by Karolin Schnoor from Illustrated Living which seems to hold a story of its own. Whilst Helorinne & Kallio's scandi influence means this plate would perfectly compliment more elaborate designs or work as a quiet statement when added to plain white tableware. Botanical inspiration never fails to offer eye-catching detail for country lovers like myself, whilst for the through and through urbanite there is this quirky cityscape option from Emma Bridgewater which has long been on my (rather extensive) wish list!