Bring Some Shimmer into Your Home This Season

With the new season upon us, many of you will be thinking of a décor overhaul. Autumn is a great time to add some new designs to your home and there are plenty of trends to take inspiration from. Whether you are looking to add some much needed colour to a room, or perhaps some elegance and sophistication to a space, some changes to your décor will certainly help with your home interior issues. So if you are decorating your home, are you opting for paint or wallpaper? If you are going for wallpaper, why not choose something with a shimmer? You might be thinking that shimmer wallpaper is the last thing you want in a sophisticated room, but there are some great designs out there with a touch of shimmer that can really make a room look great. Below are some designs from I Love Wallpaper which may make you think differently about choosing shimmer for your design overhaul.

I love wallpaper 1

This stunning black and silver shimmer wallpaper can look great in a bedroom. Pair with black walls for a full on dramatic effect or opt for white walls and use the wallpaper to create a feature wall.

I love wallpaper 2

This blue and silver shimmer design is perfect for a bedroom or a living room. If you are looking to create a calm and soothing space, then this is ideal. Pair with white or teal walls to match.

I love wallpaper 3

This black and gold shimmer wallpaper is the perfect choice for creating a stylish and on trend room. Pair with lots of black, gold and brass accessories for a high end look.

I love wallpaper 4

This butterfly shimmer wallpaper in gold and cream is ideal for a youthful yet sophisticated bedroom. Complete the look with dark wood flooring and lots of white accessories for the perfect girls’ bedroom.