Buy to last: 1950s Christian Dior Cigarette Box and Silver Plated Flask

I am taking the reins of 'Buy to last' this week to show you that vintage doesn't always mean old and tatty. Whilst not all eBay purchases are little gems, some are indeed precious items. But I am pleased to introduce the 1-year old company Vintage Seekers to you and there stunning inventory of furniture, fashion and collectibles. You won't find these items buried in a category on eBay, nor stuffed in the attic waiting for an over-tanned gentleman to root out. Cheap as chips!

This silver-plated Christian Dior cigarette box with wooden interior, featuring a horseshoe is quite literally to-die-for. Get your hands off it, it's mine.

Christian Dior Cigarette Box 001

Christian Dior Cigarette Box 002

Christian Dior Cigarette Box detail

Christian Dior begun his career in fashion by selling simple sketches until he was offered a job working for large design house, Lucien Lelong. Succeeding this, Dior set up his own house, backed by manufacturer Marcel Boussac and from there the iconic fashion house has risen.

Christian Dior Silver Plated Flask

During the 1920s-1940s, smoking was a far more ubiquitous and widely accepted habit than it is today, considered glamorous and sociable. There was much etiquette around smoking, and a good host was expected to provide ashtrays and matches for their guests.

Those seekers of vintage also found a gorgeous 1950s Cold Flask by Christian Dior. Silver plated with wooden handle. Mmmmmm.

The iconic French fashion house of Dior is famous for launching the 'New Look' for women in the 1950s. Dior has delivered unbelievable, innovative, classic and magnificent pieces for over three quarters of a century. Defined by sophistication and cutting edge design the fashion house has a distinct signature style and is one of the world's most popular labels.