Buying a Bean Bag? Here are 5 Reasons Why You Need a BIG One!

Are you sitting comfortably? Are you in fact so comfortable, that it would take a serious fire or flood to move you from your seat?

Unless you're sitting on a big bean bag, that’s unlikely. Here are just five reasons why you need a really big one:

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  1. Super-sized Comfort

There are times when comfort really matters. When you get home from a hard day at work, when you want to relax and watch a movie, when you’re recovering from an illness or when you just want to snuggle up with someone special, a big bean bag is there, waiting for you to hop on and wind down.

A giant bean bag lets you lay back and get every limb so unbelievably comfortable that it’s impossible to do anything but relax. They’re big enough for you to spread out like a starfish or if you can bear to share it, to chill out with others.

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  1. The Big Snooze

Bean bags are a perfect alternative to any sort of chair, but a big bean bag makes an excellent bed too. Break with convention, ditch the divan or those expensive memory foam mattresses that take time to mould to the shape of your body, and get a bean bag that does nothing but.

Each of the thousands of beans inside a bean bag fits every curve and contour of your body instantly, to leave you feeling weightless from tip to toe from the second you lay down. Does your bed do that?

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  1. The Pets

Everybody loves a bean bag, but so does every pet. A big bean bag is ideal for large breeds or families with more than one pooch.

They’re easy to clean so unlike a lot of pet beds, can be washed to remove traces of muddy paw prints and pet hair and odours to stay clean and comfy.

  1. The Great Outdoors

With a tough yet soft waterproof cover, they can handle the rough surface of a patio or slippery surface of a deck, and because they’re so squishy, they mould not only to your body, but to the surface too - no more sitting at wonky angles on plastic chairs on uneven surfaces.

Recline and relax on it as you wait for your BBQ food or refreshing summer cocktail to be delivered to your open hand. Catch some rays, keep an eye on the kids or just listen to birdsong on a fresh morning in a state of laid-back bliss.

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  1. The Special Occasion

Bean bags are versatile enough for indoor or outdoor use, for any person or pet, but what’s more, they make a real statement for a special event too.

Giving your guests some big bean bags to rest on when they need a break from the dancefloor or party games makes the day really memorable, especially if you get them personalised with a special date or logo.

Whatever you want a big bean bag for, you can find the perfect colour and style at Great BeanBags. Check out their extensive range or contact them to get something tailored made for you, and get yourself really comfortable.

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