Carrie Bradshaw's coffee table

For fans of the HBO Series Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw's round cocktail table is a very recognisable piece of furniture. US super-retailer, Room & Board are selling their Bradshaw Round Cocktail Table as a nod to the item found in her NYC apartment...

Carrie Bradsaw coffee table - sex and the city

This 42" round table (or 106cm to those in metric) could make the perfect table for those Chinese takeaways and flower arrangements alike... a mod look for modern life. Bradshaw's delicate vintage design is anything but fragile.

In Room & Board's words 'each piece is heirloom-quality, crafted from solid wood and built by hand.' Where do I sign?

Carrie Bradsaw coffee table - room and board

Carrie Bradsaw coffee table - room and board lifestyle photo

Buy the Bradshaw 42 Round Cocktail Table from Room & Board for $999 / Β£616