Caxton Rhode: the fabulous pattern co.

I was pleased to find a message from Caxton Rhode in my inbox one day setting me straight about the state of deck chairs in 2011. To my pleasant surprise, this company has created some stunning fabrics which I had not discovered before. Caxton Rhode Hero Chair_Rose Coral

Caxton Rhode Hero_Cushion_Jasmine Blue

'Caxton Rhode create traditionally inspired patterns and designs, using the contemporary tools of today. Every line of every design is lovingly hand crafted by graphic designer Rob Bartlett, who created Caxton Rhode as an outlet for his love of all things fine and fabulous.'

Inspired by British crafts from the past, Rob meticulously and lovingly designed the patterns for his Heritage collection bestowing the virtues of Caxton Rhode; sumptuously fine & fabulous.

Caxton Rhode 'Naughty-Cool' Deckchairs. "Mermaid On The Rocks"

Caxton Rhode Hero_Chair_Daisy Aqua

Caxton Rhode Hero_Cushion_Tat Anchor