Ceramic Fruit

ceramic fruit

A bowl of fruit is always an attractive feature on a table or a counter, the colours, the shapes and the simplicity of the forms. Designers and stylists have used them for a splash of colour and photographers have looked close up at them. And artists, well our history of art is full of paintings of still life with pieces of fruit. When I saw the large ceramic fruit made by Lisa Papon and found at Muralto in Marylebone, I was immediately attracted to them. They are large about 60 cm x 60 cm, or about 2ft x 2ft.

These large pieces of fruit, apples and pears, become sculpture for an entrance or living area, and would be stunning in a spacious loft.


Other areas I could see these beautiful pieces of sculpture are in the garden or on a terrace or a deckΒ  The large simple forms against shrubs or in a bed of flowers or mixed in with flower pots make a big statement without over powering.

They are made in other sizes which become stunning pieces for other surfaces.


The colours in red and gold have a feeling of Christmas and indeed they would look beautiful around any Christmas decor, but their simplicity make them attractive for any time of the year, so wonderful gifts.Β  A brief word about Muralto where they are found is a supplier of furniture, lighting and a good collection of art and accessories. A selection of other fruits, some cherries and lemons can be seen at their shop.