Chalon Kitchens - A Company Profile

The Chalon family originally founded the kitchen company we know today as an antique restoration business in 1978.  In 1981, the business was moved to its current site at the Old Hambridge Mill, in Hambridge, Somerset, and Michael and Rose Chalon began producing furniture designed to emulate the classic elegance of 18th and 19th Century English furniture. Their bold and open styling was complemented by a unique paint effect that we all recognise now as distinctively Chalon and it was developed to provide a distressed finish as if each piece had naturally aged in an English country house. chalon - unfitted small kitchen

Chalon Unfitted Small Kitchen

Today, under new ownership, craftsmen continue to develop and evolve the Chalon portfolio. Predominantly English in style, the designs have been flavoured by particular influences from France, Scandinavia and Ireland to develop a distinctive house style.

chalon - painted worktable and housekeepers cupboard

Chalon Painted Worktable and Housekeepers Cupboard

Whilst concentrating on kitchens, the range has been extended from its origins in freestanding furniture to include dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, studies, and libraries – every room of the home in fact, and in more recent years kitchen trends have seen Chalon develop furniture for utility rooms and pantries too.  Complementary products such as lighting were added to the portfolio in 2010.

chalon - pantry

Chalon Pantry

Obviously only the finest quality materials are used and the distinctive paint finishes often involve as many as six individual processes applied by hand, this encapsulates the reason why Chalon kitchens, although sometimes copied, are never emulated. Incidentally there are now more than seventy different painted and polished finishes!

chalon - utility room

Chalon Utility Room

Complimentary kitchen design consultations form one of the key parts of the Chalon showroom experience. Made to order and tailored to each client’s specific requirements, kitchens start from £25,000.

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