Cheerful mugs from Scion to brighten up your Monday

Fun and fashionable British furnishings brand Scion has only been around for just over a year, but it's already branching out and applying its fabulous funky prints onto a range of home accessories. First came bedlinen and towels, then rugs, and the latest collection will give you cause to smile every time you switch the kettle on! scion mugs 2

Produced in partnership with designer homeware specialist, Keith Brymer Jones at Make International, The Scion Mug collection comprises four of the distinctive Melinki designs in five colour groups – so you can buy them individually, as sets of your favourite design over all colour ways, or as a colour group over each design: versatile AND practical!

scion mugs 1


Mr Fox – the ever-popular and indisputably fabulous Mr Fox is a friendly character, low and long.  Our favourite!

Rosehip – a naively drawn depiction of rosehips and leaves on a simple stem.

Lace – a symmetrical, interlocking geometric motif with the appearance of lace.

Lollipop Flower – a mix of solid and delicately patterned, stylised flowers resembling lollipops.

scion mugs 0

They can be bought online at Make International.

Make mine white, no sugar.