Children's spaces the Ferm Living way


Now that the new Royal baby is here, there will no doubt be countless opinions on what makes a suitable nursery for a future king. However, bearing in mind that all little ones are princes or princesses in their parent's eyes (most of the time), how do you set about the daunting task of designing a space for your children that is both functional and practical, yet stylish and dare I say it, a place that you yourself may like to dwell in at the same time? Enter the style savvy folks at Ferm Living who completed a stunning children's bedroom make over for some lucky competition winners.


The use of a simple colour theme of soft grey hues for the walls and floors allows for more striking details to be added through the children's toys, which means that the room can be easily changed and adapted as the children grow older.



You can see more of this makeover - including the 'before photographs' - on the Ferm Living blog.

Images via Ferm Living