Choose a Carport to Protect Your Wheels from the Weather

A lean to carport is a great way to protect your vehicle from adverse weather conditions like rain or snow. Unlike freestanding carport designs, lean to carports are attached on one side of your property’s wall. This helps to reinforce your carport's strength during harsh weather conditions, in addition to its structural attachments. Professional carport installers like 123v offer a wide variety of designs – including lean to and aluminium carports – to suit the weather conditions in different geographical areas. Their experienced and skilled tradesmen design and fit open-ended structures across the UK, while ensuring that the constructions are both safe and built to last. Read on to discover how a car canopy is the best solution to cope with an unpredictable climate:

123v Carports 1

Weather Protection

A carport canopy is the best solution to shield your vehicle from the summer heat, autumnal rain or winter snow storms. Such an installation is a must to ensure that your car or other vehicles are well protected, especially considering the changeable nature of the British weather. Instead of attempting to predict the weather conditions or removing ice from your windshield, why not arrange the installation of a long-lasting, durable and weather-resistant car shelter onto your domestic or commercial property? Such structures are available in a wide variety of sizes, designs and materials.


123v carports, made of robust materials like steel or aluminium, are durable in nature and can stand up to the test of time. Tough and secure, they are likely to remain in place for years after their installation and will not require constant maintenance. This means that you can enjoy the many benefits of the fixed outdoor canopy without having to worry about upkeep or future costs.

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Double carport designs can cover two or even three vehicles at a time – and still protect them from the elements. Affordable and hard-wearing, these custom canopies can be fitted quickly and can even be used for commercial purposes, covering larger vehicles like buses and vans.

Inexpensive Alternative

Carports prove to be an economical investment. You won’t need to plan a budget to install a garage when you have a much more practical solution – a tailor-made carport – which will mirror the benefits of a garage for a fraction of the cost.

Serves Multiple Purposes

Custom-built vehicle canopies also help you to store various other materials like barbecue grills and garden tools; versatile carports from professional companies like 123v serve a variety of other purposes in addition to providing weather protection.

Investment in an affordable outdoor shelter guarantees practical plus points – an effective means of protecting your wheels from the weather.