Choosing Which Rug

There is nothing quite like a rug for making sure a room feels comfortable and lived in.  They are a useful tool in delineating open plan spaces and they introduce colour, texture and pattern into a room.  But there are a few things to consider before you make that final choice.

Pattern, colour or texture?  You may be seduced by that big bold pattern in the showroom, but ask yourself honestly, are you really going to be able to live with it for many years to come?  A rug is a big investment and you have to be sure you will still love it in five years time.  It might be better to go with colour, and a rug that picks out the accent colour in a room can look sensational.  A textured rug is often a good choice too as they can be very soft beneath the feet and create a cosy look.

Size?  Make sure you measure the room carefully.  Rugs have a nasty habit of looking much smaller than they actually are in the large showroom.  A rule of thumb is that the rug should go under the furniture – not necessarily all the way but the front half of the sofa for instance should be under the rug.  There is nothing worse than a rug floating in the middle of the floor.

Price?  This of course is a matter of personal choice.  An antique Persian carpet might be out of your price range but that is often seen as an investment.  Natural fibres are the hardest wearing and will last for years but that is naturally reflected in the price too.  And don’t forget when you move you can simply roll it up and take it with you!

A small selection of rugs from SCS

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All images from House and Home.