Christmas at The Original Pop-Up Shop


Christmas is always a funny time of year when you're a stylist. Christmas shoots for catalogues and suppliers can often start as early as April/May, then press show season dominates July swiftly followed by editorial shoots for the monthlies, then the weeklies, then culminating in features for the online world (and this year, for the first time ever, shooting for an online magazine - Heart Home, of course). So it's fair to say, that come Actual Christmas, I'm pretty much frazzled by the whole thing and my brain thinks it's already around mid March.



I'll be decking my own halls this weekend which I'm sure will chase off the last of the bah humbugs, and as a lover of anything shiny/glitzy/tacky and mismatched, I'll soon be embracing Crimbo in all its technicolour glory. But for now, I'm yearning for something peaceful, honest, simple and just an ickle bit toned down.

Step forward The Original Christmas Pop-up Shop. Set up two years ago by fellow stylist Louise Rastall and her Mum, this lady knows a thing or two about festive overload vs pared down chic. For some restorative retail therapy, might I suggest you pootle over to her lovely little site, take a moment to reflect, then whip out the credit card. Merry Christmas!