Christmas bits n bobs

Finest Imaginary Xmas Cards

With December nearly upon us, it makes sense to start getting together one's festive card and paper stash. There's nothing worse than thinking, oh I've got plenty of time to get cards and paper blah blah blah, to then find out, actually, it's a week before Christmas and you've left it too late to send all your cards second post, and you have to send out 100 cards first class. Furthermore, you then discover that all the decent wrapping paper has been snapped up by those people embarrassingly more organised than you, it's too late to order from the web, and all you are left with is badly designed and tired looking rolls of metallic wrap from a garage forecourt. (Not that either of these things have ever happened to me of course).

Another advantage to the early procurement of wrapping paper is that you can wrap any chocolates or tins of biscuits that are meant for pressies and not for your own consuption. (note this doesn't always work, I have bought tins of biscuits before, wrapped them, opened them and consumed them!)

So here's a selection of my favourites Christmas bits n bobs. The cards are from fun new online boutique Finest Imaginary and the wrap from Lollipop Designs.

I love this classy wrap. Breakfast at Tiffanys meets bewitched - for the high maintenance gal.

Tis the season to be jolly, tra la-la-la-la, la, la la la!

A little symetrical number for the design addict in the family.

Why not get some ink stamps to customize your wrap? It's also good fun to stamp people that have eaten too much turkey, drank tooย much port and fallen asleep in the armchair on Christmas day!