Christmas Shopping Inspiration – pampered pets

I believe that our furry (and not so furry) friends should be spoilt just as much at Christmas. Growing up with animals has always meant that they were just as much part of the festivities as everyone else. So not to be left out, make sure you make time to shop for your pets who bring you so much happiness and joy:

Dogs Christmas Gift Guide 1. Cashmere dog pullover £129 and striped merino pullover £75 mungo and maud  2. Jets carrot crunch £4.50 Snaffles  3. Labrador pillow 59.90 cloud 7  4. Small dog bed £60 emily bond  5. Tweed coat £60 bill & eddie  6. Union Jack dog bone £16 the stylish dog company and Love bone 12.90 cloud 7  7. Rope collar £54.50 and lead £70 mungo and maud

Cats Christmas gift Guide 1. Natural houndstooth wool throw £58 mutts and hounds  2. "I'd rather be eating sardines" cat bowl £22.50 sweet william  3. You know you're a cat lover when… £3.89 amazon  4. Skritch cat scratcher by wowbow available from harrods  5. Striped knit mouse cat toy £10.60 mungo and maud  6. Striped cat collar £26.20  and suede cat collar £22.30 mungo & maud  7. Game & country small cat bed £295 pink whiskers