Christmas Tree Decorating - The Bare Essentials


Sometimes less is more and perhaps this rule stands for when decorating your Christmas tree. There is a real growing trend for keeping it as simple and raw as possible.  A minimalist effect can just be as effective without breaking the bank on the decorations. A plain Christmas tree with just fairy lights can look lovely in the right surroundings. It gives a very sophisticated look. You can really go creative on the Christmas wrapping and have lots of lovely colours underneath the tree, a simple way to tie it altogether.

You could really give it that Nordic feel keeping it as bare as possible and just adding a few pine cones to your tree. With the fire lit and lots of wooden logs it really does get you ready for a cosy Christmas to fight the winter chills.

If this sort of decoration does feel too bare, why not give it that extra touch by snow spraying the tips of the tree and of the cones. A lovely way to instantly add depth and give it that frosty feel.

Why not also mix in a few lights if you want to give it that extra sparkle and glamorous touch.

You really can find fabulous choices of Christmas trees from Hayes Garden World. If still stuck on how to find the perfect Christmas tree then also have a look here. Hurry though as time is really ticking and Christmas is eight days away!