Coffee and Chocolate


Two of my favorite items and they go so well together, coffee and chocolate. Particularly at mid morning, an espresso and a piece of black chocolate. They are also a great colour combination and like their flavours they are rich, warm and make you feel good. When mixed with a milky white the rich and deep colours become lighter and we have cafe au lait and milk chocolate.

Dark colours will always enrich and intensify the adjacent hue, giving it depth. So for an interior space such asΒ  kitchen or dining room the room becomes an excellent backdrop for the delicious meals you prepare for your family and guests.

With accents cushions, a floral pattern and stripes.

Leather is a natural material for the rich colours of coffee and chocolate and are very good accents to wood, brick, stones, metals and glass. Bringing nature into a room with a backdrop of chocolate and coffee is an added enrichment.

Which style does it suit; it looks very good with contemporary clean lines and most suited to a renovated industrial space and always with a touch of recherche, an object trouve.