Coloured lights; naff, nasty or nice?

Coloured glass lighting has been around for a very long time. There are plenty of examples of murano glass chandeliers that have included colour and the highly collectable Tiffany table lamps are still sought after. The appeal is the often the subtle effect of the glass colour upon its surrounding environment when light is shone through it.  In fact strong colour contrasts can increase the perceived brightness in an area.  Though this is usually achieved with coloured filters or bulbs. Coloured glass lighting seems to be a bit like marmite, you either love it or hate it. A quick straw poll of acquaintances revealed a shocking divergence of opinion.   Most agreed that they’d seen more of it in magazines recently but suggested that as a trend it had a limited appeal.  I’m personally not adverse at all to coloured lighting and have seen some truly beautiful examples recently.

Johan Lindstén, a designer from Sweden showcased a new lighting product in Milan this year. His Melt down seen at Salone del Mobile’s Salone Satellite consists of an oval shade adapted to incorporate a protruding light bulb.  A simple and beautiful shape

Melt down lamps by Johan Lindstén Form

Bocci’s designer Omer Arbel introduced coloured glass into the Bocci 28 Series in 2011 and it was an instant hit. What I particularly like about this light is that the colour and clustering possibilities are endless.  Bocci lights are available via Holloways of Ludlow

Bocci light seen at Espazio-Rosanna-Orlandi

Bocci-28-3 light

Bocci-28-5 light


Curiousa & Curiousa makes lovely individual vintage style pendant lights. These colourful and unexpected pendants create a warm stream of light sure to brighten up your home