Conran Shop's America Chair

£12.95. That's all that you need to get a piece of design history. Originally introduced during the 1970s at Sir Terence Conran's Habitat shop, this folding chair has been sat on, stood on, jumped on, throw away, picked out of skips, taken apart and put back together again. It is a versatile chair made for the masses and adopted by them too! conran-well-considered-america-chair

Having been reintroduced by Habitat in a slightly cheaper, and in my opinion, cruder version the Macadam chair (as they call it) has less attention to detail on the legs, The Conran Shop have taken the chair and introduced it to their Well-considered range... a triumph of affordable design.

If you are on the hunt for dining chairs, or an office chair, or perhaps even a chair for the bedroom to throw clothes over, the America chair is perfect!