Contributors Corner - Emma Lewis

One more photo shoot to go for issue 4 of  Heart Home magazine and it's looking so good! And I must give a massive shout out to all of our photographers.  They are, without a doubt my all time heros.  We have been shooting homes for the summer issue in the gloomiest April and May for about a hundred years, and still they have managed to make all of the gorgeous rooms look like the sun is beckoning just beyond the window.  Well done guys!


And girl.  Because one of our newest photographer contributors is Emma Lewis.


Emma started her career working with moving images for film and TV drama but now photography is her full time focus.  She specialises in interiors, lifestyle and portrait photography but she is also very widely travelled so she has been much inspired by the magnificent landscapes, fascinating people and enchanting cultures she came across.

These images are just a small selection of her work and I urge you to visit her online portfolio because there is so much more to see!