Creating storage without losing too much space

If you’re moving into a new apartment or looking to maximise the space in your existing home, there are many ways you can help increase storage space and declutter your home. For those of you needing some inspiration, here are some ideas to get you going. First things first Before beginning to maximise storage and space, you have to begin with a good sort out. By getting rid of unnecessary items you can begin to make space for proper storage solutions that will help increase floor space. Getting rid of old or unused big items will make an immediate impact, but it’s surprising how quickly you can create room for a new chest of drawers or cabinet by throwing out smaller items and making better use of your new-found space.

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Platforms If you live in an old building you will likely have considerably more ceiling space than in modern homes. This means that it’s a perfect opportunity to build a platform or mezzanine, doubling the amount of floor space you have to play with. This can work especially well in bedrooms, where you can utilise the mezzanine to create a truly intimate space away from your drawers and wardrobes.

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In-built storage Buying a new bed may seem unnecessary but, when you consider that it could seriously increase your bedroom storage as well as improve your sleep, it could be well worth it. Many modern beds are designed with pull-out drawers, allowing you to store anything from bedding. This removes the need for large cabinets that don’t make the most of your floor space.

Shoe organisers Shoe organisers are an ingenious way of increasing storage in your home without losing space. The name may suggest they are ‘solely’ for shoes but they can be used for storing many household items. There are shoe organisers that can be hung up in chests of drawers or on the back of doors. You can even use them in the kitchen – they are perfect for storing bits and pieces and will no doubt free up more space. With shoe storage costing anywhere from £20 +, it’s a very affordable option.

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Floor-to-ceiling storage Many furnished homes come with shelves and bookcases that rarely make the use of the space they are in. They all too often don’t reach the ceiling, creating a dead space that could be used for storage, or anything for that matter. By buying in floor to ceiling storage you can really increase storage without taking any additional space.