Culture Label Xmas Mash Up!

Pink Cheeks Plate

Culture Label is probably one of my biggest addictions. I love to pour over its' multifarious pages of gorgeous Art Prints, home finds and quirky jewellery. I did wonder whether to write a post about this or the high street, but for me the high street is a bit of a last resort these days. Hopefully you will find something below that's a bit different, to show you care. Oh and last date to order is tomorrow!!!

How sweet is this "Pink Cheeks" bisqueware plate from Katy Leigh?

Indeed. And you can get these last minute cards in for the overlooked - from Gemma Correll

For the budding Psychoanalysist, a pretty Freud scarf from Square Lust

And what muso wouldn't love this guitar playing Mexican skeleton print from "Juan is Dead" - ole!