Deirdre Dyson Launches New Carpet collection

Deirdre Dyson’s new themed collection of contemporary handmade carpets is called “Designs from the Deep”.  It features eight new treatments, including stars of the underwater world, such as Parrotfish, Sweetlips, Angelfish and Triggerfish.  Angelfish is totally unique, being cut in the profile of an Angelfish! The delightful Parrotfish features two fish kissing.  Beauty Spots, Fish Scales and Fish Tails take abstract features from our aquatic friends to create a totally original look.  Deirdre skill fully integrates silk into her designs, so that the fish shimmer with a wonderful iridescence against a pure wool background. Deirdre says:  “My latest themed collection is inspired by the ocean of glittering tropical fish and their endlessly changing colour and design.  Like the flash of jewels caught in the sunlight, these carpets reflect the essence of life under the sea."


imageresample.func.php5Fish Scales


imageresample.func.php2Fish Tails


The Collection will be on show in the “Designs from the Deep’ exhibition at Deirdre Dyson’s showroom at 554 King’s Road from now through until the end of 2013.