Design Trend: Japanese Inspired Dining

Wren Living [4]

Do you ever feel that you would like to introduce some harmony, balance and order into your dining room? If so, you can't really go wrong if you borrow some of the elements of Japanese design. A style that places a high value on the beauty of the natural world and conveys a sense of purity and integrity. Lines are kept simple, clutter is banished, light is often abundant and you are left with an overall feeling of calm. Which is always a good thing in our busy lives. Wren Living [2]

The clean, simple lines, and rich walnut finish of this beautiful dining table from Wren Living would make an ideal basis to build around. It has no superfluous detail that would be completely at odds with the Japanese ethos and there are matching pieces in the Tokyo walnut furniture range to help you pull the whole room together.

Wren Living [3]

Nature has an immense influence on this kind of style, and the colour palette is often pulled from the world around us, inspired by earth, wood and stone. Use neutral, subtle colors and textures that can be found in nature.

Heart Home blog - Japanese Style in the Dining Room

Think cherry blossom wallpaper, bamboo (plants and accessories) and black glazed tableware for a sophisticated scheme for entertaining.

Now pass the noodles please.