Designing a bedroom that feels just right

It's not worth preaching to other women about how they need to decorate their bedrooms. After all, every single person is completely different - it's more a case of simply providing guidance as to how it's best to create the space, allowing for the addition of personal preferences with colours and furnishings. As such, here's a guide to creating the perfect bedroom - have a look at these top tips and you'll soon create a sanctuary you can be proud of.

Firstly, address the focal point of the room - the bed. If a bed is too big, it negatively affects the space around it. Similarly, if it's too small, it'll be uncomfortable and strange-looking, in the context of the rest of the room. When buying a bed, get something timeless - a wooden-framed bed, for example, or a metal-framed one depending on preference - and don't skimp on the mattress!

From here, prioritise clear paths of traffic. Arrange bedroom furniture to allow for a couple of feet of movement. Obviously, the last thing anyone wants to do is take a fall when they're on the way to the toilet in the dead of night!

Whatever you do, make it a comforting sanctuary. Don't try to adapt it slightly into an office or multimedia centre - it needs to be calm, welcoming and relaxing. Consider reflecting this in a friendly and favoured colour scheme - there are plenty of hues available, for example at Time4Sleep, after all - or add a few scatter cushions and other soft furnishings to allow for a good sprawl at the end of a long day.

Finally, de-clutter a space to the best of your abilities. Creative storage solutions, such as under-bed drawers and nice shelving, will give you more floor space than you may imagine.