Designing from the floor up

Engineered Oak CarbonisedUV Oiled 180mm_437x300px

I remember my teacher of interior design, Jill Blake, always told us if we could start designing the surfaces of the room from the floor up, things would go easier. The floor is the surface that takes the most wear and tear. Think about it, people walk all over it, and dance on it and slide furniture across it, kids will  sit on and play. Things get dropped and spills happen, whatever age you are. Durability is the key but so is aesthetics, we want it to look good and fill the space with warmth. We want it to be easy to care for and easy to clean. A tall order for a hard wearing surface.

I have found wood is always the best for this and there are many textures and colours that create warmth and ambience. Having just recently laid an engineered wooden floor, I have first hand experience of how the much it transforms a space, a white oak with wide planks to give a sense of spaciousness.

Engineered Rustic Oak

Ambience Hardwood's Engineered Flooring range consists of multiple layers of plywood, topped off with a solid wood. Underneath the solid wood are multiple layers of plywood that are fused together using a process of very high pressure bonding that seals the wood together. This process makes it more durable and has a great reputation for a flooring choice that does not contract or expand due to differing heat or moisture levels in an environment. On a project a few years ago in a converted barn we installed  engineered wood flooring with an oak surface, the reasons were because of underfloor heating was used and it proved an efficient and beautiful solution to the change of temperature from the heating. And still looks beautiful today.

Engineered Oak Laquered

Another beauty to the use of solid wood or engineered wood for flooring is that it lasts, it lasts for generations. It is an investment in your property, a good wood floor increases the value of your property and prolongs the value. It ages with grace and elegance, it warms up a space.

The woods in the Ambience range are chosen from specially sourced environments, and produced from only certified and trusted manufacturers. Another aspect of  choosing engineered wood for your floor offers that extra helping hand to the environment, engineered floors use only a minimal amount of hardwood, this dramatically reduces the amount of wood being used in the manufacturing process and so the amount of trees having to be felled for the purposes of flooring.

But the aspects that will always sway me to hard wood flooring is the richness of the colours, patterns, textures and that solidness underfoot.

Engineered Oak, Coffee Oiled

Engineered Oak, smoked and stained