Dining Chairs In The Modern Home

Dining chairs are undergoing a serious revival. Stylish and substantial, a good dining chair will emphasise the elegance of any environment. Transcending their reputation as traditional staples, they are an increasing presence in modern homes, where their intrinsic adaptability comes stylishly into fruition. Gas lift chairs create a sense of the retro in addition to being brilliantly user-friendly. Combining height-adjustability and 360-degree rotation, they cater beautifully to all requirements. Choose a gas lift chair for your home and the entire family will benefit. Built to endure as youngsters grow into teenagers and beyond, providing the perfect addition to any modern family and is sure to stun in any colour. Indeed, the timeless beauty of black dining chairs can only be compounded by such ingenuity.


© Mark Bolton

In recent years, Eames-style furniture has come to the industry forefront. Inspired by the classic designs of the 1950s and 60s, Eames-style chairs are primed to thrill. Stealing the style stakes, these items are characterised by spacious seats and idiosyncratic metalwork. Usability remains a priority as do retro aesthetics. Decadently distinguished, a set of Eames-style chairs will serve to comfort, charm and inspire. The additional benefit of Eames-style furniture is that the versatile template enables designers to adopt a variety of structures and embellishments. Combine different Eames models together and marvel as they strike beauty into the heart of your home. An Eames-style armchair will sit beautifully at the end of the dining table, exuding grace and authority, while armless versions will surround the kitchen with sophistication.

Bridging the gap between the conventional and the ultra-modern, contemporary dining chairs lend a sense of effortlessness to homes. Taking the traditional four-legged structure and infusing it with a distinctive twist, they’re bona-fide modern marvels. A chrome frame harkens to the history of the bar stool. Reflective yet robust, it works in perfect unison with contemporary faux-leather. A brushed steel finish gently affirms the appeal of any item in addition to complementing kitchenware and electronic appliances.


© Jon Day

Traditional designs remain popular, however. The homespun charms of wooden dining chairs continue to impress and endure. Uniquely stable, they frequently incorporate faux- or real-leather seat pads for optimum comfort. Representing a seamless union between the traditional and contemporary, they contrast with appliances, transcending the trappings of modern living and bringing it all back home.

The emergence of the dining chair as a modern must-have has concurred with the rise of the bar stool. Together, these items form a tempting twosome. Indeed, many bar stools are built with an existing chair in mind, and vice versa. Making it easier than ever to lend your home a consistently chic aesthetic, matching kitchen furniture ensures the home remains both understated and undeniably sharp.


© Andrew Boyd

With so many options to choose from, dining chairs represent an enormously worthy investment. Undeterred by the sands of time, they continue to evolve and shape-shift in accordance with modern trends. Join the legions of customers who are embracing the unique appeal and you won’t look back.