Dining Room Styles & Chairs

When trying to establish what dining room style you are trying to create, choosing the right dining chairs can play a vital part on the overall look. It’s all about finding the right balance in order to achieve the desired style. Here is a look at some different dining room styles, which are a winning look. The Modern Style

A strong coloured accent wall can give you a clean fresh look with a modern twist. Adding some mix-matched chairs is what really completes this look. Or you could go for chairs in the same style but in different colours to give a totally refreshing look.

The Elegant Style

Mixes of contemporary and traditional elements are always a winning combination as they balance each other beautifully. High back dining chairs are great for adding height and elegance to the overall look.

The Retro Style

Having a strong patterned wallpaper as your focal point is what makes this dining room style work, it totally adds drama combined with this funky chandelier. These Exquisite curved-back wood chairs add warmth to this space.

The Traditional Style

These Rustic French bistro chairs are absolutely divine and add a traditional element to this room. Muted colours, tall china cabinets and this delicate metal chandelier all work beautifully together.

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Images via House & Home