Displaying kids Artwork


Well it’s that time of year when your kids start to bring home more than a few tree’s worth of art work from their school classroom. Most of it finds it’s way into their school bag and subsequently onto your already over crowded fridge door! Time to stop buying magnets and free your fridge – why not invest in a couple of these wonderful Art display cabinets from My Little Davinci?



My Li'l DaVinci. art cabinets are a revolutionary way to instantly and professionally frame your child's works of art. With an easy access latch on the side these wooden glassed frames allow you to simply open and insert a new painting on top of the current one on display My Li'l DaVinci can store up to fifty drawings simultaneously so switching, updating and even archiving your child's work of art has never been so simple. The frames also provide perfect safe-keeping for all those precious masterpieces your children make at school. Clear the clutter from your fridge door and display their latest work of art in style.

• High quality wood and glass picture frame

• Display 1 & Store 50 kids A4 Size Art

• Front-opening photo cabinet with latch

• Ultra-thin profile (just over 1 inch thick)

• Single bevel cut acid-free mat

• Securely mount to the wall (hardware included)

• Hang vertically or horizontally

• H37cm W28.5cm D4.5cm

• Available in Black

A Great ego boost for your kids when they see their artwork proudly displayed – they also help reduce clutter in the home, which can’t be a bad thing with Christmas fast approaching!