Dissolve Those Sleeping Aches and Pains: Divorce That Old Mattress!

When feeling sore in the morning, it may be more a matter of what you’re sleeping on than sleeping position.  Is it time for a new mattress?  Signs of wear, lumpiness, and age (more than 5 to 7 years) alert owners it’s time to pay respect to a good night’s rest. Perhaps it’s time to divorce your current mattress. Styled by Maxine Brady and photographed by Joanna Henderson for Heart Home magazine Flipped Assumptions After years of use, spokes poke through, colors fade, and surfaces become uneven.  Flipping a mattress is a quick solution, but is it a good idea to prolong a mattress?  Like an aging car, a deteriorating mattress puts users at risk of injury and discomfort. In some cases, manufacturers suggest rotating every three to six months, but not for purposes of masking wear or denying years of use. Hand-Me-Down Aches Home products are expensive; in addition to paying mortgage or rent, a single person or couple may cut corners, accepting used mattresses from family or friends.  It’s great to save money, but don’t underestimate the power of a good night’s rest. It’s estimated 70% of beds in circulation are second hand.  It’s smart to save but unwise to sacrifice sleep and well being for saved dollars. Jonathan Gooch for Heart Home magazine Embrace Progress Would you replace a dated television?  An old refrigerator?  Manufacturers produce newer and better products, and in some cases, upgrading makes perfect sense regarding convenience and added health and wellness. For example, memory foam grows popular with sleepers around the world; created by NASA and leveraged by bed manufacturers to create a reactive resting surface.  Eventually man stopped sleeping on the ground; don’t refuse to evolve into the future of bedding. James Balston for Heart Home magazine Off-Gassing Off-gassing, the release of fumes from mattresses, concerns singles, couples, and parents alike.  Though some associate the phenomenon with new mattresses, it’s believed subsequent fumes gradually release; your child may be sleeping on an older model, one harmful to their health and emanating noxious fumes. Speak with vendors about abed that’s safe for you and loved ones, especially young, growing children who sleep longer and more deeply. Mattress Fever Is your mattress making you sick?  Some experts question materials used to manufacture mattresses.  Some questionable methods and ‘ingredients’ may scare you; cotton is sprayed with pesticide throughout its growing cycle in some cases. Paul Craig for Heart Home magazine Neck Strain to In-Store Awkward If you get up in the morning with neck pain, it may be time for a new mattress.  If pain exceeds twenty to thirty minutes, it’s time to plop yourself down atop an in-store mattress.  It may seem awkward to rest while others shop, but experts suggest trying a mattress for fifteen minutes, ensuring it’s right for you. Take time to find the right price, model, and overall experience for you. Joe Jacobs loves being a health professional. With years of experience, he often blogs about simple changes people can make in their daily lives to improve their health. All images are from Heart Home magazine.