Don't Move, Improve. Your Dream Kitchen is on it's Way

It probably comes as no surprise that so far 2014 is showing that record numbers of homeowners are choosing to expand their homes rather than move to bigger properties. With estate agents' fees, stamp duty and moving costs becoming a huge expense, many homeowners have decided to stay put and spend their money on expanding their homes. Ex Display Rational Kitchen via the used kitchen co By far the most popular improvement is to extend the kitchen, frequently into a complete living area. This often involves knocking rooms into each other to make one large open plan kitchen, diner and lounge area.

Building work can notoriously go over budget so one way to ensure you get value for your money is to check out The Used Kitchen Company for an ex-display or used kitchen. They have over 150 kitchens to choose from, ranging from a 5yr old Ikea kitchen to a top of the range ex-display Clive Christian all at 50%-70% of their RRP.

2yr Old Clive Christian Kitchen with Island via the used kitchen co

In addition, The Used Kitchen Company have recently launched SOMETHING ELSE FOR SALE on their website; this is top of the range furniture, other than kitchens - including wardrobes, lighting, dining furniture and even an oak panelled library. You can view all the kitchens on their website and they also offer a recommended dismantle, delivery and installation service to take the aggravation out of getting the kitchen re-installed.

Ex-display Pedini Glass Kitchen via the used kitchen co

Don’t forget that if you have a kitchen you are replacing which is less than 10 years old and in good condition they can sell it for you too – leaving you with extra cash to spend on your new one.

Which can't be bad.