Element Interiors - Inspired by Nature


Element was founded by Belma Kapetanovic and reflects her affinity for graphic, abstract print design based on natural forms. She originally trained as a graphic designer but her fascination for all aspects of nature, from the very large to the very small, inspired her to change direction. Nowadays she designs rugs, wallpaper and fabrics which explore the three common natural pattern formations in the natural world - branching, mosaic and spherical forms. These patterns, combined with bold colour combinations result in a striking collection as seen on the Elements website. Here's just a small selection of our favourites.

Interiors by Element - Coral Atoll Wallpaper

Coral Atoll Wallpaper

Interiors by Element - Cushions

Interiors by Element - Shard Wallpaper

Shard Wallpaper

Interiors by Element - Wing Rug

NEW - Wing Rug