Embrace Autumn with Marimekko

Autumn has finally arrived, and with it, the inevitable rain, wind, cold and fog. Most of us find the change of season rather depressing, but Finnish design company Marimekko famously celebrates beauty and colour every season, and their latest collection is no exception.  The new Weather Diary range boldly celebrates the wintry weather in a range of home textiles and tableware, available from Skandium. Kuuskajaskari linen fabric by Marimekko


Hiittinen and Vano tea towels

Designed by artist Aino-Maijo Metsola, Weather Diary is a dramatic collection of textiles, ceramics and posters inspired by heavy rain clouds, gentle drizzle, hard winds and foggy mornings. "I like many kinds of weather, including rain and wind. Finding yourself in thick fog or a thunderstorm can also be a surreal experience." says Metsola.

Jussarö fabric

Developed over several months, the patterns gradually evolved from Metsola's photographs, sketches and watercolour paintings of rain clouds, weather beaten tree trunks and wet cliffs observed on the islands of the Finnish archipelago which she had visited during sailing trips.


The painterly images have been transferred onto linen and cotton fabrics, tea towels, napkins and ceramics. When designing the patterns for the tableware, the design team had in mind simple, rustic meals like wild mushroom soup and freshly baked bread.

Oiva Sääpäiväkirja teapot,

Oiva Sääpäiväkirja plate,

The colour palette is muted, but by no means dull. Perhaps we should all take a (fallen) leaf out of Metsola's book and enjoy the drama of the autumn weather. "Every shower, drizzle or cloudburst is unique and beautiful in its own way. When it’s raining, everything seems to stop for a moment, which I enjoy somehow." claims Metsola.

Oiva Sääpäiväkirja Coffee