Essential kit for that (long) car journey lunch

Car Journey Picnic

There is no getting away from it: long car journeys are boring. Yes, you may set off refreshed, full of excitement and anticipation for your destination, but a few hours in and the novelty starts to wear thin: earlier so if you have kids in the back of the car. We don't have the luxury of a DVD player in our car, (in fact our car still has a cassette player in it) so we resort to those timeless car journey companions: I-SPY books. But eventually, they will be put aside and the calls of "are we there yet?" will begin. So here we are at the beginning of the great British Holiday season. Be it a boutique hotel in Brighton, a caravan in Conwy or self-catering in St. Ives, the chances are you'll have a considerable drive to get there.  I don't drive, so my role is providing entertainment for the kids and, most importantly, preparing and packing the picnic lunch.

Car Journey Picnic

The drive marks the start of your holiday, so don’t just grab your lunch from a lifeless service station or roadside cafe, plan ahead and fix a picnic lunch that every passenger can look forward to and enjoy. If you're able to find a nice spot in which to park up, stretch your legs and fill your stomach, all the better.

You will, however, find the whole lunch more enjoyable if the food you pack withstands the journey and looks appetising when you come to lay it out on your picnic rug. So this week I am going share with you my wish list of essential kit that’s behind every successful and memorable car journey picnic.

food kit for a car journey picnic

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1. Plastic Tiffin Food Boxes (stack of 3), £9.50; 2. JÄMKA Food container (3 pack), £0.99; 3. Blafre Bambi Storage Tin, £10.00; 4. On the Road Penguin Vacuum Flask, £16.30; 5. Melamine Plate in Apple Green by Rice, £5.50; 6. Petal Cool Bag, £35.00; 7. Melamine Fuchsia Cup  by Rice, £2.99; 8. Anorak Kissing Rabbits Picnic Rug, £36; 9. LJUST Jar with lid, £6.49