Everything's Going To Be All White

Barocco Tableware Zara Home


If there's one thing I don't do, it's minimalism. Quite simply, I love "stuff", as my collection of approximately 75 vases crammed into my one-bedroom flat bears witness. And I don't really do neutral either - far too many Pantones out there to choose from. But I do admire those who can live in a clutter-free zen-zone or pull off eclectic Pale and Interesting all-whites well enough to make a whole brand out of it. I just know that within five minutes I'd be smuggling in Dulux colour cards and salivating over them like a dieter eyeing up chocolate cake after a month on Atkins.

Now this is something I could embrace, however. Almost completely plain white, but just enough Baroque and a squeeze of fluoro to keep things funky. You could get trigger happy with some spray paint and a pile of vintage crockery to mock up the look, or for an easier life, simply head down to Zara Home.

Barocco tableware collection, from £8.99 for a teacup, Zara Home