Evolve Your Lounge with Ethnic Chic

In the world of clothing ethnic chic has been in vogue for quite some time – think of the bold Aztec prints and bright colours that have graced the world's runways in recent years. Like many a trend before it, this fabric is quickly migrating from the country's catwalk into the heart of the home, coming to roost on the nation's comfiest couches. 8

When you come to buy cushions, you'll find an array of options in some of the brightest fabrics. Ethic chic allows you to step away from the pastel, country-inspired tones we've become accustomed to, adding something a little bit more gregarious to the mix.


If it's personality you're after, take a look at pieces manufactured from a Turkish Kilim fabric such as this Talish cushion in dark multi (above). In tones of red, green and blue, this is a vibrant cushion with a fascinating asymmetric pattern. Its distressed colouring provides an aged ethnic feel, which effectively tones down such bold hues, so the piece is interesting rather than garish.


These rich shades and busy patterns can also be applied to throwover blankets, providing a look that's as warm and comforting as it is fashionable when draped over a sofa or chair. A thick Kilim weave throw in a heavy wool fabric provides a bohemian feel and is also inherently practical on those chilly summer evenings.


Turkish Kilim is just one of a variety of fabrics in the ethnic chic style. You can also choose Peruvian or Native American patterns for a handmade, one-of-kind look and feel for your home.