Fabby kids gifts at Howkapow...


...and for those that are still a big kid at heart! When I'm buying gifts for my little niece and nephew (ages 6 and 3 respectively), I like to try and get them books, educational toys or fun, visual things like calendars, pictures, etc. They also really love stuff with their names on it. I can't stand all that Barbie pink-plastic nonsense that admen seem to target at young girls. I also think kids don't need objects designed to patronise them. Most kids like animals, bright colours and patterns. They also have their own eye for good design - fact! (Although, I'm not sure what happens to it sometimes when they grow up). Check out this selection of my fave kids things for Chrimbo, from Howkapow.


This rather distinguished chap definitely has a bit of a Shere Khan thing going on, and is guaranteed to keep the place in order!



Super cute calendar - get them to learn their birdies!

"...Did somebody say sausages?" - Dog light-switch stickers.


Hot water bottle formerly known as Prince.