Fabulous treehouses by Squirrel Design

I came across Squirrel Design in The Garden Design Journal and I think their treehouses are really fabulous.  My dad made us a treehouse when we were children, not quite on this scale, but we loved it all the same and spent a lot of time in there.  The wonderful thing about these treehouses is that they're for the whole family, not just for the children.

Squirrel Design is a family run business that has been creating bespoke treehouses and hideaways for more than ten years.  Each structure is truly unique as it is designed to fit the people that will use it and of course the location.

Each project is managed by the Squirrel Design team in much the same way as a garden design project.  They take the brief, survey the site and then work on a design that fits the brief and ties in with the surrounding area.

They also help their clients to gain planning consent and manage the build phase of the project, of course.

Looking at the pictures on their website made me think that it would be really wonderful to have a studio in a treehouse.  In fact, you could use it for almost anything...maybe a spare room even!

So are you child or child at heart?  Whichever you are, I'm sure you could find a use for a beautful tree house - fabulous!


Images: Squirrel Design