Fawn Art



When I met with Lydia and Madeleine from Fawn Art Consultancy this week we delighted in how we all feel that art should be considered in the very early stages of an interior design project. How can you plan the lighting, the surfaces and colours for the walls? arrangement of furnishings and so many other parts that make up a space. Often a painting can set the whole colour scheme of a room. Sadly it is often an after thought, "Oh we need something for the walls!"

Art has a mystery, some find itintimidating and feel overawed by choosing the paintings or photos for walls, some just don't have the time. But when you have the right piece on the wall it is satisfying. Certainly a room feels lacking without art, this is where Lydia and Madeleine come in, they have a broad knowledge of art and design and take all the hassles out of finding the right piece for your space. With their keen eye they can choose and select a collection for your home or workplace.

Whether your walls at home need refreshing or you want your office to stand out from the crowd, they select contemporary art works directly from the artist’s studio for you. Whatever your art need or budget, they would be happy to sit down over a cup of tea and discuss your idea. I also like they work directly with artists and can commission work to fit your scheme, for me that is very helpful. They provide a service from framing to hanging all with an expert skills.


I have experienced that if you rearrange the art on your walls, it can be a bigger impact then giving it a new coat of paint. A well placed painting or collection of paintings / photos that fit the size of the wall is as essential to the overall look of a room as the curtains, carpet or sofa. Please see their website Fawn Art consultancy to view the selection of contemporary art and photography and how they can help you.