Finding the balance of New and Old Furniture

Balance is important in every part of your life. It makes you comfortable in what you’re doing and where you are currently at and the same applies to your home. Sometimes you can focus on one point and build around it while others will look at combining different things. Both are great but the latter is going to build a richer atmosphere, especially if you take the best of different styles to create your own.

Being fit for purpose

Let’s look at oak furniture. There are many different variations and looks that come with it, and suppliers like The Furniture Market will provide a full range to choose from. It can be aged and full of memories or new and fresh. Combine this with colonial furniture and you have two styles of wood that bring a room to life.

sleigh bed - the furniture market

Both styles use wood, oak is generally lighter and newer whereas colonial is darker, with some curves and a basis in history. It’s a talking point but just talking about it is useless. It has to serve a purpose. You can create a very organic and natural looking home easily with these styles of furniture, taking a modern approach and a cultured one at the same time, you just have to find out how they will work and balance with each other.

french country oak dressing table - the furniture market

Working together

Markets provide a great way to get up close and personal to the pieces you want to buy, even if you don’t buy them then and there. Think about the colours used in your home and how much of each would work best. You don’t need many pieces of colonial furniture – or oak if you want to go the other way – to make it work. Overloading on pieces that have no use or value just makes your home cluttered. What chairs do you want? What kind of look do you want for bookcases or cabinets? Do your accessories fit a particular piece better? All of these questions need to be answered if you want the right fit.

My advice is start with the basics. Don’t go overboard and buy dozens of pieces of furniture. Start slowly and see how your room evolves. You may start out thinking a predominantly oak room is better but change over time, and vice versa. In time, you will find the right balance and the atmosphere will come naturally.