Five indoor planters from independent designers

Living Wall from nevastarr

It's lovely to get out in the garden in the summertime, when everything's growing like mad. But flat and apartment dwellers needn't despair - even if you live 5 floors up you can still enjoy a little bit of nature indoors. Whether you've got a balcony, a window-box, or even just a sunny windowsill, there are some really stylish containers out there for house-plants. Here are five of my favourites from independent designers:

Joey Roth planter

Are you always going on holiday and returning to half-dead plants? There's an ingenious secret to this planter from Joey Roth - it's self-watering. A central chamber holds half a litre of water, then there's a circle of soil round the outside. The whole thing is made from unglazed earthenware which is naturally porous, so water gradually soaks through to the plants. It's $45 dollars and is available for pre-order at the moment.

Coracle Stoneware planter

I love this Coracle Stoneware planter from wonkipots on It's perfect for displaying succulent plants. At just £10.50 each, you could buy a few and line them up along a windowsill.

Diamond hanging planter from RawDezign

There's a nice geometric feel to this pair of Diamond Hanging Planters from RawDezign, available on Etsy for £50.00. They're made from cast resin and hang from a leather cord.

Living Wall from nevastarr

This could be pretty spectacular in the right space - your own miniature living wall, which comes pre-planted and ready to hang from nevastarr on Etsy, at $114.95. According to the description it's very low maintenance and 'great for negligent owners'.

I.V. Plant Pot from Vitamin

Finally, here's another self-watering plant pot, this time with an unusual edge. Yes, that is an IV drip for your plants. Made by Vitamin, it costs £159.50. Definitely a conversation starter.