Five unusual objects made from wood

wooden coffee machine

Digital printing and high-tech polymers might be all the rage these days, but there's still room for one of the oldest natural materials around - wood! Not just for furniture any more, designers are using it to create unusual objects ranging from laptops to mobile phones. Here's five of the most interesting. This wooden espresso maker is by Norwegian design student Øystein Helle Husby. It's such a beautifully simple design, and apparently makes coffee just as well as the huge chrome beasts you can buy everywhere else. I'd love to see this make it into mass production.

Wooden coffee machine by Linje

How about a bag made out of wood? This one is made by, and it's just the right size to hold a phone, your keys and some lipstick. They also make wooden briefcases and camera tripods - have a look on their website for more.

And if you're carrying around a wooden bag, you might as well swap your i-phone for something more harmonious. This phone made out of wood will do nicely. It's made by the MIT High-Low Tech project, and it's actually a customisable kit which includes a wooden veneer and a circuit board that will work with any SIM card.

You've probably already seen this miracle of engineering - the Splinterbike, which set the land-speed record for a bike made entirely out of wood. This is Splinterbike 2, which was on display at the V&A for their Power of Making exhibition. It was designed and built by Michael Thompson, who's currently working on Splinterbike 3, which will rely more heavily on computer-aided design than the previous mode to ensure that all the gears work perfectly.

Splinterbike 2

And finally, something that combines the old and the new - the iLog. An i-pad stand and charger, it's made from reclaimed wood right here in London by Twisted Twee. 'Roaring fire' App optional.