For 'Royal' Babies Everywhere

Simply because every single baby born is a 'prince' or 'princess' to someone.  And every nursery has the potential to look like a mini palace.  Here are just a few of the products that had us all broody in the current issue of Heart Home magazine. royal babies

Macedonia Luxury Cradle, Bambizi

Royal Babies 2

1.Love from Rosie, 2. Vertbaudet, 3. Letterfest, 4. Cotswold Trading.

Royal Babies 1

1. Bambizi, 2. White Rabbit England, 3. Iapetus, 4. Sweetpea and Willow.

Royal Babies 3

1. Nubie, 2. Vertbaudet, 3. Red Candy, 4. Mothercare.

For more fabulous products selected by Kate Baxter visit the magazine page 31.