Four Ways to Improve your Cooking Skills


Cooking is great fun and the options of what you can make for yourself, your family or flatmates, are endless. You too can become a great home chef – it’s all about practice and being unafraid to experiment with new ingredients and recipes. Here are four ways to improve your cooking skills. HH-picnic0088_shot-09

1. Cook with family and friends The easiest way to learn how to be a better cook is to do so with your family or friends. Tell them about your plan and ask them to come over and you can prepare a meal together. You might learn some new tips and tricks this way, and if you are lucky you might finally get to hear about some secret family recipes and finally find out how to recreate that tasty dish that is always served at family gatherings!


2. Treat yourself to some new kitchen appliances Treating yourself to some new kitchen appliances will allow you to cook a wider range of different dishes. It is up to you what you’d like to try out, but it can be anything and everything that tickles your fancy: from non-stick ceramic pans and grills, to built-in ovens or bread makers.


3. Get cooking lessons Find a cooking class in your neighbourhood. Whether it is a themed class (such as Japanese or Mexican cooking lessons) or something with a little bit of a twist.

You can also follow cooking instructions online;’s cooking lessons section, for example, gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make dishes such as guacamole, filo dough and frittata. These lessons are easy to follow and free to access, and you can find countless others online.

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4. Do not be afraid to experiment A common mistake that new chefs make is that they usually stick to the foods and recipes they know, preparing meals with the vegetables, spices and meat they are used to. But don’t be afraid to spice it up, both figuratively and literally! Buy a book with recipes and try out a few ones at random, replacing your favourite vegetables with some others that you rarely eat or never have. Buy some new spices that you’ve never tried before and head into unknown territory. Bon appetite!

Images 1 & 3 Andrew Boyd; 2 & 4 Giedre Augustinaviciute