French Wrought Ironwork

Through the round ironwork

I love the twirl and loop of French wrought ironwork. It makes me feel I've sucked in sherbert the wrong way. Swirl and loop in DinardSo it's a good job that France is my home so I can get a fix on a daily basis. It is inheritant to French style.

Nowhere but FranceI love it so much that when moving in a herd with my boys they know not only to look at where they put their feet - an absolute must when living in France - but also to look up.

balconies in Dinan 22100And 'ouf' as they spy a balcony or windowguard, knowing that I will have to pause and take a photo of  it.

Ornate window guard in DinardIf we were gazelles, I would have been picked off by a passing lion long ago.  I am definitely the weak member of the herd. And swirly chipped iron is my weakness; an artform with intemporal beauty, regardless of condition.

detailing on arched window

 And which will withstand generations.

Dinan 22100

To bring it into this generation and work the industrial luxe feel, try incorporating old ironwork found in brocantes quietly into the home.  French style is made up a lot of  the have-something-will-use-it way of creating.

Oh the thinks you can think up

Recently I spent some time wandering around the French Quarter of New Orleans and  realised that putting the French into the Quarter was partly due the ornate ironwork balconies linking buildings, defining boundaries.

Nowhere but French Quarter, NOLA

It had a beautiful familiarity to. The real difference being between the two, was that I could definitely look up whilst walking.  Without a care in the world of where my feet wandered.

Balconies in French Quarter, NOLA

How very unFrench indeed.