Freshening Up Your Home for Spring is a Breeze!

Giving your home an essential springtime sparkle doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, taking out a second mortgage or enduring an exhausting month or two of upheaval – getting a style savvy pad is easy. Homebase1

Be thrifty with your update and, rather than tearing the place up, simply ditch the grubby duvet and throw on some crisp, new bedding and soft furnishings. Add an oversized mirror to your dressing table and pin up some love with a few hanging hearts. Voila! – A beautiful boudoir on a budget.


Great news – less is more with modern interiors, so don’t over think when decorating your room! Get rid of unnecessary stuff and outdated ornaments. For a really new mood, place a couple of sleek, wood vases on an otherwise bare shelf. Neutral, earthy-coloured accessories with stark white walls or surfaces create a real feeling of Zen and summertime chic.


Frugal embellishing is the key to revitalising any room; even renewing something as humble as a light pendant gives a room a glamorous touch in minutes.  Adorn your home with on-trend accessories; plush cushions, clocks, vases, photos frames, wall art and candles alike and see your tired home replenish into an up-to-the-minute haven.